FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix (WGP) is an international women’s volleyball competition held annually by Federation Internationale de Volleyaball (FIVB) since 1993. The purpose of the competition is a part of the FIVB’s promotion strategy to enhance the attention of worldwide audience to national women’s volleyball teams. The participating teams are divided into 3 groups according to their world ranking. Apart from the host country and the winner of Group 2 could secure the play in the Finals, all other teams will need to compete for the qualification of final round according to their results in preliminary rounds. After four weeks competition, the winner of the final round will be the champion of the group in the year. WGP becomes a popular volleyball event not only because of the attractive prize money, but also the exciting competition played by the top world ranking national teams. Broadcasting in over 100 countries, the competition is one of the famous sports programmes among TV audience. Every year, WGP is no doubt that provides an opportunity to demonstrate the most advance competition skills of the national teams to the world and also help raising international volleyball stars while contributes in popularizing the ball game among the public.
One of the famous sports events in HK
Volleyball Association of HK, China (VBAHK) has rich experience in in organizing world class volleyball events over two decades experience. Every year the sport event is held in Hong Kong Coliseum with full house of over 30,000 audiences and has won the top average number of spectators among all preliminary legs for the past 7 years. Besides, all matches of WGP-HK Leg are live or delay broadcast by local and international TV media with high tv rating. Since the participation of China Women’s Volleyball National Team and other world-class national teams, the event arrests high attention of local and international press which result in plenty of news reports. Honorably, WGP-HK Leg has been awarded as an “M-mark” event by the Major Sports Event Committee (MSEC) under Sports Commission of HKSAR since 2007 (Others including HK Marathon, Rugby Seven).
Creative and Diversified promotional activities
In order to promote the WGP-HK Leg, VBAHK usually organizes a series of promotional campaign. For examples, demonstration  of China Women’s Volleyball National Team, Inter-hong volleyball competition, Celebrity match, “Volleyball Day” celebration, “Love & Caring Campaign”, mini-movie contest, etc. Apart from that, music, dance and variety performance are included in the event to make the event more sportainment.