China Woman Volleyball Team

Mr. LUI Lai Yee, the competition director of FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix – HK, had a brief introduction of the four participating team: ” The world ranking of China, Turkey, Argentina and Czech Republic are 5th, 7th, 18th and 26th. It is expected the match between China and Turkey will be a highlight because Turkey has defeated China and won the bronze medal in 2012′s WGP. In addition, Czech Republic also demonstrated their power in 2010 World Championship by beating the Italy 3:2 and lost only one set when they were defeated by Brazil 2:3. Argentina, a new but powerful team from South America, also help making the Hong Kong leg more exciting.”

China Women’s Volleyball National Team is surely the pride of all Chinese people. They are not only the team that has the best performance in the area of team ball games of China, but also attracts the attention of all Chinese people around the world. “The spirit of China Team”, which was deeply planted in Chinese people, represents the perseverance team spirit that will ever lead the China volleyball players go ahead bravely to pursue the greatest achievement.

China Team has nurtured a lot of sports star such as Feng Kun, Yang Hao, Liu Yanan, Zhou Suhong, Zhao Ruirui and Zhang Na, etc. Most of them have retreated after 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The new China Team has been developed in April 2009. We believe that the new members will follow “The spirit of China Team” to strike for the best and all of us will continuously support China Team no matter what!

The Glory of China Women’s Volleyball National Team:

China Team has glorious history since it was formed.

In 80s of 20th Century, China Team has come to the top by winning world champions for 5 consecutive years. Those are, World Cup in 1981 and 1985, World Championship in1982 and 1986, Olympic Games in 1984.

In 90s, China Team won 4 times of the first runner-up in 1990 and 1998’s World Championship, 1991 World Cup and 1996 Olympic Games respectively. The team was praised to be comprehensive, changeable and balanced in offensive and defensive skills.

In 2001, China Team was re-formed with new members and a new coach. The new formed team refreshed all fans that they succeed in winning the 2001 World Grand Champion Cup. The international media claimed that China Team was atop again after 15 years.

Other wining records:

2002 World Championship – Third runner-up, The 14th Asian Games – Champion, 2003 World Grand Prix – Champion, 2003 Asia Volleyball Championship – Champion, 2003 The 9th World Cup – Champion, 2004 Athens Olympic Games – Champion, 2007 World Grand Prix – First runner-up, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games – Second runner-up, The 16th Asian Games – Champion.

Currently, China Women’s Volleyball National Team is ranked the sixth in the world.

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