Team Introduction
China Team
The China Team has a glamorous reputation in the volleyball history. 1980s was the first ‘Golden period’ of China Team since they got Champion of five world competitions consecutively, including 1981 World Cup, 1982 World Championship, Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games, 1985 World Cup and 1986 World Championship. In 2000s, CHEN Zhonghe, the Head Coach, has created another ‘Golden period’ by leading the team to gain Champion in World Grand Champion Cup 2001 and 2004, Champion in World Grand Prix Finals, Champion in the 9th World Cup, Gold medal in Athens 2004 Olympic Games and also Bronze medal in Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. There is a saying passing on, ‘the third golden period of China Team is approaching!’ In 2013, LANG Ping has taken the position of the Head Coach of China Team, reformed and led the team into a new era. The team got a silver medal in 2014 World Championship eventually after the hectic period. 2015 was a difficult period to China Team since many major players have injured, such as WEI Qiuyue, XU Yunli, YANG Fangxu and Team Captain HUI Ruoqi. The Team was discouraged. However, every cloud has a silver lining. The young players in the team have taken the batons. With the cooperation of mature and younger players, they gained the fourth place in World Grand Prix Finals 2015. Later, they won the Champion of 2015 World Cup which taken place in Japan. Hence, the China Team has granted the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Qualification. The remarkable performance of young players like ZHU Ting, YUAN Xinyue and ZHANG Changning impress the public. ZHU Ting has been award the MVP of 2015 World Cup. Even the Ex-Head Coach CHEN Zhonghe agrees that the young players in China Team have great potentials and with gifted height. Together with the strategic coaching and charisma of LANG Ping, he believes that China Team is going to make a name again in the new era. China climbs to the second in world ranking; just fell behind USA after the 2015 World Championship. This year, having the World Grand Prix to be held in Hong Kong, we are looking forward to seeing this exciting match between China and USA in live. This game is regarded as the fiercest one prelude to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Fans can have the first attempt of the team’s combination prior the Olympic Games. We hope that China Team can have excellent performance in this year’s World Grand Prix, which will be a big shot in the arm for themselves before Rio 2016 Olympic Games!
The Germany Women’s Volleyball National Team, world ranked 11, is a renowned team among Europe. They have outplayed the Netherlands in the pre-games of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. In 2006, Italian Head Coach, Giovanni GUIDETTI, led the Germany Team after long year of coaching by Korean coach, LEE Hee Wan. The Team had outstanding performance in World Grand Prix 2008.  In 2009, Germany Team has defeated USA Team in the first round of World Grand Prix – Brazil. Later, Germany gained the third in the World Grand Prix Finals 2009, just behind Brazil and Russia. It has been long since their gaining of the third place in 2002. In 2011, Germany has been in the top three in European Championship while they got the Champion of the same League in 2013.  In 2014, the team was a bit fall behind since they got the 9th in the World Championship. In 2015, Italian Coach Luciano Pedulla becomes the Head Coach of Germany Team. There was a slight improvement since the Germany Team got the 7th in the World Grand Prix Finals and the 5th of the European Championship. The Team keeps climbing on the world rank and they hope to gain the qualification of Rio 2016 Olympic Games. We are longing for the outstanding performance of this strong European team in the World Grand Prix – Hong Kong 2016!
The Netherlands Women’s Volleyball National Team has gained the Champion of European Championship in 1994 and the 5th place of Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games. There is no other breakthrough since then. In 2004, Avital SELINGER, who was nurtured in a ‘volleyball family’, has taken the position of Head Coach of the Netherlands Team. Under his leadership, the Netherlands Team has drastic improvement and became a top team among the world. In 2007, the Netherlands Team won the Champion in World Grand Prix Finals by winning all the matches. Though they missed the first two places in European Champion 2007 and hence the qualifications in World Cup and Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, their efforts were recognized.  After some internal rearrangements, the Netherlands Team has succeeded in gaining the World Grand Prix 2009 qualifications and gained Silver medal of the European Championship in the same year. In 2012, Gido VERMEULEN, who was the Assistant Coach of the Netherlands Team, is now being the Head Coach of the team. The Netherlands Team has gained a Silver medal in European Championship in 2015 under his leadership. The outstanding result helps the Netherlands Team ranked 14 among the world. This year the Netherlands Team will also join the World Grand Prix – Hong Kong 2016. This is the second time that the Netherlands Team comes to Hong Kong since 2009. We are waiting for their brilliant performance and bring an exciting game to Hong Kong people.
USA Team
The USA Women’s Volleyball National Team remains world number one now and has returned to the list of the world strongest teams since 2000. From 2001 to 2004, the USA Team was the Champion of World Grand Prix and the Silver medalist of The World Championship.In 2005, the team improved massively under the lead of LANG Ping. Not only defeating a strong competitor – Cuba and gaining the Champion in CONCACAF Champions League, but also winning a Silver medal in Beijing 2008 Olympics. It was their second attempt of winning a medal at Olympic Games since 1984. Thereafter, Hugh MCUTCHEON, the coach who has led U.S. Men’s volleyball national team to gain the Champion of Beijing 2008 Olympics, replaced LANG Ping to be the Head Coach of USA Team. The USA Team continued to make a glorious record, which includes gaining Champion in the World Grand Prix 2010 and 2011 by defeating the world number one Brazil. What’s more, the team was the Silver medalist of the 2011 World Cup and London 2012 Olympics. Nevertheless, the team has not yet got any Champion of above three world competitions: World Cup, World Championship and Olympics. In 2012, Karch KIRALY, the assistant of Hugh MCUTCHEON was nominated as the head coach of the USA Team. He was the Olympic Gold medalist of both beach volleyball and indoor volleyball and was honored by FIVB as the Greatest Volleyball Player of the 20th Century. In 2014, although the team could not get a place into the finals of the World Grand Prix, the team broke their predestination by claiming gold in Italy World Championship; The Americans beat Brazil with 3-0 in semi-final and knocked down China with 3-1 in finals. It was a memorable and historic moment for the American team after 58 years strive. In World Grand Prix Finals 2015, the USA Team defeated all and won the Champion, together with gaining the Champion in European Championship and the third place in World Cup 2015, USA remains the stable position as the World no. 1. It must be a highlight in watching the advanced techniques of USA Team in the coming World Grand Prix 2016 in Hong Kong!

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